Monkey Go Happy 6

Monkey Go Happy 6 is a sequel to the last game Monkey Go Happy 5. In the Monkey Go Happy series thus far, it is your job to entertain and keep these monkeys busy in many different ways. However, in this installment of Monkey Go Happy 6, you are primarily responsible for making sure that these five monkeys laugh their behinds off and responsible for making sure that you cheer up those cute and precious monkeys.

As far as characters are concerned, your mouse will do much of what is required from puzzle to puzzle or game to game and in this sixth series of Monkey Go Happy, and the sixth part of the Monkey Go Happy series features some very interesting controls and characters.

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You get to actually pick things up and chuck them at whatever scenario that the mission is concerned with. The monkeys actually even help you if you have enough points and very few clicks overall as the series is judged on clicks as well. This takes place at the zoo and the zoo grounds and these five monkeys are trying to escape.


There are only a couple settings available for the user to adjust to play comfortably. If you or your child does not like the music available on the game, you can turn it off. Additionally, you can turn on or off the sound effects to make the game more enjoyable to play. Hint features is available, choosing to reset a game, choosing anywhere from level 1 through 15 is available and the chance to unlock the 16th level is available if you defeat all of the other levels prior. The settings/control menu also allows you to play the other games of the series i.e. Monkey Go Happy 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as many other games in the series.


Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more! Also in this game, you may also manually select which buttons control the action of the game…how cool is that?!

You can also play this game on your smartphone and use your touchscreen instead of your computer mouse. The game is not free, but in my opinion – you should defiantly buy it. I played it for many hours, and I can tell you for sure it is super addicting.  I wish all mobile games were as fun as this one.  You can also play it with friends (much more fun in my opinion).


The new villain of this game is no longer the cheesy (albeit funny), old and gray haired monkey, but instead it is an aggressive Ape, who is hell bent on defeating you by any means necessary. Now, to be honest, this game’s degree of difficulty is far tougher than the rest of the Monkey Go Happy games. Your job is to get past the game’s new villain, The Ape and lock him back up for good in asylum.


This game consists of 15 levels; with much of them being very challenging (even the earlier levels are hard to get past). But if you are a capable player (like me finally in this game), you’ll do just fine and have a chance at unlocking the last and final round. Level 16 is the bonus round you get for completing all of the rounds prior to that level…in other words, if you’re awesome, then you should get to Level 16 or don’t stop until you get there.

Level 1 – Click on two monkeys in the back area, grab a key on the hook, find the pad lock of the gate and click the gate using the key.

Level 2 – Grab the shirt, pants, steel pipe, and throw it at the window.

Level 3 – Click on rock, grass on the right side, grab lawnmower and drag the lawnmower inside the bricked area hiding it, and grab key under lawnmower to unlock gate.

Level 4 – Click on the rice, click on the potato, click on the wagon and escape the zoo.

Now, we don’t want to give away all of the details to every level and spoil the surprise, so you will just have to play the game to find out the rest!

We will say this, though. If you get stuck on a level, there are video walkthroughs available here to help you.

Good luck!


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